Wimmera 2

Soft Pastel on paper, 2002 Farquo

Wimmera 1

Soft Pastel on paper, 2022 Farquo

Peninsula Beach

Oil on Canvas, 2022, Farquo

Lost in Mud

lost in mud

Oil and ink on canvas 2018

Shadow Sacrifice

shadow sacrifice

Shining Gums

shining gums

Shining gums Oil on canvas 2019



Bark Oil on canvas 2019

Brave heart Black soul

Brave heart black soul

Brave heart, Black soul Red pencil and ink on paper 2016

Brave heart, wounded soul

brave heart wounded soul

Brave heart, wounded soul Charcoal, gauche on paper 2016

Mourning mates 8

Mourning mates 8

Lino cut print