Monthly Archives: October 2012

Work in progress – October 2012

Red pencil on paper (Oct 2012) Farquo

Landscape in progress

Oil on canvas (13 Oct 2012) Farquo


gouache and red pencil on water (20 Oct 2012) Farquo

Red pencil, charcoal and gouache wash on paper (20 Oct 2012) Farquo

red pencil, white charcoal, felt pen and gouache wash on paper (20 Oct 2012) Farquo


Ocean Grove series

Ocean Grove series – 1


Gouache wash, red sanguine oil pencil, on paper.

October 6 2012

Work in Progress – October 2012

Self-portrait East Timor

Self-portrait East Timor

Red sanguine oil pencil, charcoal, gouache wash.

6 October 2012

Blocking in

Kimberley waterfall

This is a Kimberley waterfall I’ve been working on recently. Unfortunately, it got run over in the ‘studio’ (garage) before I finished it. Luckily, I took a photo before it got squished.