About Farquart

I started experimenting with art in 2003 as a result of being taken, by a colleague, to an ‘acrylics for beginners’ course on my return from a tour of duty of East Timor. Many of my works relate to my time in East Timor. Landscapes, especially horizons, and portraiture are other areas of interest. I enjoy working with soft pastels as I like the texture as they are applied to the paper. I  like working with oils and gouache because of the feel of applying the paint to the canvas. Another medium I enjoy is pencil on textured paper, particularly red and white pencil.

My favourite artists are Ivor Hele, Tom Roberts, Will Longstaff (Menin Gate at Midnight is one of my favourite paintings) and Fred Williams. The moment I became interested in art was when I was dragged along to a Fred Williams retrospective and viewed several hundred of his finished works in chronological order. This completely changed my view of art.

This page is an attempt to display my art without a gallery space. My art is basically self taught. I work in soft pastels, oils and gouache.

Since I first developed this page things have moved on. I have partially completed a Graduate Certificate in Contemporary Art at the VCA and am now working on a Diploma of Visual Art at Chisholm TAFE, Frankston. I have had some success being selected as one of ten Highly Commended work in the inaugural Napier Waller Art Prize (2018). Recently I have discovered printmaking which is just fantastic.

Along my art journey in have been support by my wife and family, close friends Deb and Kym, the staff and student at the Victorian College of the Arts and Chisholm TAFE.

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