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Shining Gums

shining gums

Shining gums Oil on canvas 2019



Bark Oil on canvas 2019

Last morning

last morning

Painting of the last morning of the “overland track”

Kimberley Waterfall

Kimberley Waterfall (oil on canvas, 2014) by Farquo

Kimberley Waterfall (oil on canvas, 2014) by Farquo

Ocean Grove series

Ocean Grove series – 1


Gouache wash, red sanguine oil pencil, on paper.

October 6 2012

Blocking in

Kimberley waterfall

This is a Kimberley waterfall I’ve been working on recently. Unfortunately, it got run over in the ‘studio’ (garage) before I finished it. Luckily, I took a photo before it got squished.

Latest work – Sept 2011

Hi folks,

This is my latest work. It’s a waterfall in North West Australia, and I’m doing it for some friends.

NW Aust waterfall - in progress