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Shadow Sacrifice

shadow sacrifice

Shining Gums

shining gums

Shining gums Oil on canvas 2019



Bark Oil on canvas 2019

Brave heart Black soul

Brave heart black soul

Brave heart, Black soul Red pencil and ink on paper 2016



On Ops

On Ops final

Michael 2012

Michael pastel April 2012 framed

This is a picture of my cheeky brother-in-law, Michael.

Blocking in

Kimberley waterfall

This is a Kimberley waterfall I’ve been working on recently. Unfortunately, it got run over in the ‘studio’ (garage) before I finished it. Luckily, I took a photo before it got squished.

The some more

Maz and me receiving a partition

On Patrol 4

Really more than one landscape and some

Western Plains - gouache


Heads Horizon


Kimberley 3